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Brunch is coming…

We are a big fan of Guy Beringer, waking up with a hangover and inadvertently creating a new meal. Brunch and a Bottomless one at that is making its way to The One Elm very shortly!

Picture the scene. It’s 11am, you were out for a few drinks last night and your mouth is calling out for a glass of water. Your head is heavy and your stomach is rumbling. You slept in, missed breakfast, then remembered The One Elm now offers Bottomless Brunch! The saviour of the Friday night late carousers!

The Brunch trend is on the up, and we decided it was time to join in. The origins of Brunch lie somewhere between New York, England and post-Catholic mass on Sunday, but no matter where it’s come from, the premise is one we agree with. No need to rush out the door at the weekend just to enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast while you sip on a soothing Bloody Mary.

So, every Saturday, for two hours between 9am-3pm, you can enjoy all the Soft Bottoms (Orange, Apple or Cranberry Juice) or Stiff Bottoms (Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Brunch Punch) you can manage, combined with as much food as you can fill your bellies with.

But, it’s not just for those who were out the night before. It’s for friends and families alike. To quote Guy Beringer, “Brunch is cheerful, social and enticing… It puts you in a good temper, makes you satisfied with yourself and fellow beings. It sweeps away worries and the cobwebs of the week.”

So the next time you wake up seeking food satisfaction, grab your friends and head to The One Elm for sausages and bacon from our local butcher, Aubrey Allen, free-range Eggs and bread from the Brown Sugar Bakery.




Written by felicitynewsome

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