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A look back at Riverfest 2017

So our fourth year in, and a Riverfest like no other! It was so good to see so many of you there, and help make it one of the best yet.

After weeks of preparation, hours of planning and two whole days of riverside fun, Riverfest came to an end. 2017 was a record year, attracting over 70,000 guests to the festival – and we felt it. The event was heaving! The weather was stunning, not too hot, but a good temperature for guests to enjoy a cold beer, burger and One Elm welcome. Good vibes, everyone in great spirits and a fun weekend all round we say! If you didn’t get to make it down, make sure you do next year…For now, this is what you missed.

With the support of Purity and Church Farm Brewery, Friday was all about setup. A huge thanks goes out to Alex and Simon, who not only helped get the bars setup and ready for action, but worked with us over the weekend pulling pints and putting any competitor differences to the side (I think!). The choice was vast – whether you opted for a cask Mad Goose, UBU, Rens Pride or Pale Ale or tried Purity Lawless or Church Farm Pilsner lager, there really was enough to go round. There was cider too of course – Aspall and Aspall Waddlegoose Three Berry. And when a keg ran out, I’m sure you could hear the shouts from the other side of the river… No time to waste, get it off, and get the next on!

If you made it to the BBQ (or didn’t), you’d appreciate the effort our chefs put in over the weekend. A little smoke didn’t put them off, and despite suffering from a little pink eye, they pushed through selling over 5k burgers, hot dogs and lamb burgers over the two days! And the rest of the team, a huge thank you. Despite many pulling in over 45 hours over the three days – spirits remained high, with us even serving brekkie to the litter pickers Sunday morning. And so great to see support from so many of Peachy folk, Dave and his girlfriend Natalie helped out, we had Soph, Linds and Flic from marketing, Terri from our sister pub in Hertfordshire, and my Dad and brother even came behind the bar to pull a few pints – a huge thanks to everyone who supported.

Next year? We’re hoping not to change a thing, it was our best setup to date – we hope to see you there.

Written by rebekha

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